Shoraian, located upstream from the Arashiyama Togetsukyo Bridge, was once called the villa of Prince Fumimaro Konoe.

It still shines as it did in those days.


You can enjoy the seasonal changes in nature as our chef prepares your meal. Taste the mellow tofu kaiseki prepared by the chef with all his heart, while feeling the seasonal changes of nature spread out before you.

The works of the proprietress, who happens to be a calligrapher, will heal you.


Please spend a blissful moment that satisfies all of your senses.


Shoraian, built on a monolithic rock on the banks of the river, is immersed by the sound of the murmuring stream and the swaying leaves of the trees within reach of the windows, where you can fully enjoy the rich nature of Arashiyama.

The paintings and calligraphies displayed in the restaurant are all the works of proprietress Kobayashi Fuyo, with the exception of one oblong frame created by Prince Fumimaro Konoe. You can enjoy a dish inspired by one of her works in the seasonal creative dishes.   Postcards will be provided for  “SHORAI” and all courses succeeding it. The photo shows our special dish "TSUBOMI" for March.