Tofu-kaiseki restaurant Shoraian, is located upstream of Togetsukyo Bridge, Arashiyama has served traditional Japanese cuisine in Kaiseki-style since 2005. The place filled with tranquility was once a villa that the former prime minister Duke Fumimaro Konoe privately used. Every part of the house embraces the visitors with calm and peaceful energy.


Guests can enjoy the healthy and comfort taste of Tofu and other seasonal dishes by our chefs with all their hearts. Arashiyama’s beautiful nature will create your special moment at Shoraian as well.


In the house, calligraphy works by the owner of this restaurant, Fuyoh Kobayashi are placed. These artworks would give you much deeper relaxation. Due to her active and sincere commitment for both national and international good-will events, she has been described as one of the most energetic calligraphers in Japan.


All staff in Shoraian and Fuyoh Kobayashi are pleased to welcome you here, very soon.


Thank you, Okini.


At the riverside of Katsuragawa River, the house of Shoraian was built on an enormously large rock. Sounds of water and rich nature welcome the guests. In summer, the trees stretch their leaves and hug the entire place.

All calligraphy works displayed in Shoraian, except for one piece by Duke Fumimaro Konoe, are created by the owner of this restaurant, Fuyoh Kobayashi. In a course meal, “creative seasonal dish” is served.  The dish is inspired by her calligraphy drawing.

*With an all-day menu, a postcard is served as a complimentary gift. Photo shows a calligraphy in March “a bud)” along with original plate of the month.