Appeal of SHORAIAN

SHORAIAN, which is above Togetsu-kyo Bridge in Arashiyama, was known as Fumimaro Konoe’s holiday cottage and it preserves the unspoiled beauty of back in the old days.

Our guests feel the natural transformation of the four seasons while sitting in the comfort of SHORAIAN as their first sight.

Then, they enjoy mild “Tofu” tea-ceremony dishes cooked wholeheartedly by the head chef as the second feast. Lastly as the third, the OKAMI, Fuyoh Kobayashi’s calligraphic works and paintings benefit the guests’ eyes and comfort their heart.

We are prepared to entertain our guests’ five senses and are looking forward to welcoming and serving you.

The mansion of SHORAIAN

The mansion is on an immense monolith where our guests can likely reach out and touch the leaves of the trees from the windows and feel them sway.

Guests can have time to experience the beauty of the cherry blossoms or the autumn color of the leaves.

Also, many architects from all over the world visit to observe the masterful architecture of the mansion.

The architectural beauty is sure to appeal to the five senses.